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Bout du Pont du l'arn

How we work

We will enter into an agreement with you for our labour only, with agreed payments at the end of each week.  

We shop around for all your plant and materials but you pay for them directly yourself. You pay Cost, whatever that might be.

This means that you will always be happy with the price and most of all the costs, both ours and yours are completely transparent, this allows you to clearly see how your budget is being spent and on what.

We believe in always being 100% transparent.  We are clear, upfront and honest about our charges. Our rates are clearly shown on our website; we will make a written statement of charges before any job starts. We will endeavour to always show a full breakdown of labour, material and any other charges, and a comprehensive description of work carried out is shown on all invoices and estimates.

We do not charge for the following: call out charge, travelling, parking, materials pick up.


We always charge correctly and fairly according to our quoted rates and our policy on overcharging is unequivocal. But in the unlikely event of an error then a refund will be made.


We will always take responsibility in the unlikely event that work is not carried out to your satisfaction.

We will never carry out any unnecessary work or talk customers into any work that is not needed under any circumstances.



All of our workmanship carries the company's written guarantee for your peace of mind, a minimum of 12 months on all work.


Covered by manufactures’ guarantee.